Eufrat Red splendor

Eufrat Red splendor

Eufrat Red splendor
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Modelname : Eufrat
Setname : Red splendor
Aliases : Jana Hall, Jana Potyšová, Patty Gower, Eufrat Tenka, Terenka Eufrat, Eufrat Mai, Janette
Hashtags : #Eufrat, #JanaHall
Hair : Fair
Categories : VirtuaGirl, Lingerie, Stockings, High Heels, Trimmed
Country : Czech republic
City : Prague
Type : European
Date of Birth : July 4, 1985
Age : 28 years old
Career Status : Retired
Eye Color : Blue
Height : 5.75
Weight : 122
Fake Boobs : No
Piercings : None
Tattoos : None
Bio : When we first met Eufrat we weren’t sure how to pronounce her name (it’s pronounced ‘you-frat’). Eufrat is a Porn Star from Czech Republic. She was born in Prague on July 4, 1985. It took us several hours to get around to asking her the right way to say it. We were too busy gazing at her gorgeous body and the exotic way that her lips tremble when she starts to grin. It may be strange to think the prettiest part of a dancer is her lips, but hers are absolutely perfect
Stats : 34/23/31

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  1. says

    I am not what you would one who is a very good critic but this is one young lady that you need to add to your collection. All of her cards are great. She has one of the best smiles here and a very good stage presence. I give her along with all of the other ladies at this website a lot of credit for doing these mini shows. Great show Eufrat and with you the best with your career here.

  2. says

    Eufrat is absolutely my favourite, i wish they could make a new solo for DB, and that it would be possible to improve the quality of the older shows,and why not, making others new for VG aswell =) anyway Eufrat is the best, 10/10 always! I can’t even begin to describe this card, Eufrat is one of my favorites, and this card is why. She can be cute, sexy, beautiful, you name it! And all the while, she’s got that wonderful smile. A definite 10/10 from me.

  3. says

    Eufrat is for me a legal stimulant who along with chiara(pink outfit black flash) has the most beautiful smiles i have been blessed to witness and if my taste in female attraction counts she is erotic so as long as i have a face she will always have somewhere to sit 10/10 She’s so hot, it makes me wanna break something. Would give it 10/10 if it was a little longer.

  4. says

    I really like Eufrat. She is certainly hot. But here I’m not too crazy about the look / outfits she’s gone with. I like her look more at deskbabes. Her body is wonderful. Her smile/performance is great. There’s just something lacking (for me) in her choice of costumes thus far. There’s only one thing wrong with Eufrat, but it’s a serious problem and somebody needs to do something about it … and FAST. She’s not my wife.

  5. says

    This is my 2nd card of Eufrat, and I tell you guys, she does it for me!
    Granted, her legs are somewhat skinny, and her breast aren’t perfect, but she
    has got a slim body, flat tummy and a beautiful face with such a lovely smile, I really dig her. Furthermore, I’m totally in love with that outfit of hers in this card. THAT’S EXACTLY what I call “seductive”; the fact, that this cutie wears it, …hmmm… yummie, yummie..! This performance is sooo sexy!
    I was tempted to give this card a ten, but that would mean perfect – so, because of the slight flaws mentioned earlier (which are not grave, let me point that out specifically!), I would give a 9.5 if it were optional – it isn’t, hence it has gotta be “just” a 9.

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