Eufrat Solo

Eufrat Solo

Eufrat Solo
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Modelname : Eufrat
Setname : Solo
Aliases : Jana Hall, Jana Potyšová, Patty Gower, Eufrat Tenka, Terenka Eufrat, Eufrat Mai, Janette
Hashtags : #Eufrat, #JanaHall
Hair : Fair
Categories : DeskBabes, Lingerie, High Heels, Shaved
Country : Czech republic
City : Prague
Type : European
Date of Birth : July 4, 1985
Age : 28 years old
Career Status : Retired
Eye Color : Blue
Height : 5.75
Weight : 122
Fake Boobs : No
Piercings : None
Tattoos : None
Bio : When we first met Eufrat we weren’t sure how to pronounce her name (it’s pronounced ‘you-frat’). Eufrat is a Porn Star from Czech Republic. She was born in Prague on July 4, 1985. It took us several hours to get around to asking her the right way to say it. We were too busy gazing at her gorgeous body and the exotic way that her lips tremble when she starts to grin. It may be strange to think the prettiest part of a dancer is her lips, but hers are absolutely perfect.
Stats : 34/23/31

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  1. says

    Without doubt, Eufrat is a superqueen! Beautiful, sweet and hot! This card really shows that she also can change into a devoring tiger when she handles her dildo in and out her delicious wet dripping hole of paradise! She enjoys it, I enjoy it too! Eufrat for always! Eufrat is like a drug, you can’t stop looking at her. What else could I ask than a 52min-long show ? Sexy, incredible, hypnotic !

  2. says

    Eufrat is hot but it never surprises me to find low ratings on her cards. She is hot and no taking away from that but definitely a piece to the puzzle missing in some facet. Still enjoy her cards and have most B- Is anyone hearing what sounds like another card is being shot in the background during one of her more explicit scenes (actually I think it’s an X-rated one)?

    that or the audio was out of sync but I sear I heard audio that didn’t match up

  3. says

    There are so many things to love about this card. Not the least of which is Eufrat herself. Wow she’s Purrrfect. But, I can’t give a 10 to a show that features three “X-rated” scenes where all the girl does is dildo herself over and sometimes under her panties. WTF! It’s not X-rated. It’s not hot. It’s retarded. I’m truely sorry Eufrat. It’s not you, it’s me.

  4. says

    I fell in love with Eufrat ever since her Formula X card in VGHD. So I know what I was getting myself into when I got her here. Finally got to hear her, love her atittude when she moves and her smile is ridiculous. Eufrat is good but SARAH is still the best,Eufrat spends to much time with her nickers on,plus a sideways view,I want to see everything that’s going on.10+

  5. says

    granted the moans and other sounds are arousing but I particularly enjoy the quiet eufrat here. I originally gave her a 9 (a point off for not a perfect outfit) but the lack of sound bumped it up enuff for a 10. usually her cards get a 10 n this is another outstanding performance.

    p.s. how could a card b too good?

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