Linet A Lynette Hot Rod Girl

Linet A Lynette Hot Rod Girl

Linet A Hot Rod Girl
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Modelname : Linet A Lynette
Setname : Hot Rod Girl
Aliases : Linet Slag, Linet A, Maya, Lynette
Hashtags : #LinetA #Lynette #LinetSlag
Hair : Brunette
Categories : VirtuaGirl, Lingerie, High Heels, Big Boobs, Trimmed
Country : Cuba
City : Havana
Type : Latina
Date of Birth : February 15, 1991
Age : 22 years old
Career Status : Active
Eye Color : Brown
Height : 5.54
Weight : 115
Fake Boobs : No
Piercings : None
Tattoos : None
Bio : Linet A is a spitfire from Cuba that wants to make your nights hotter than hot. Linet A Lynette is a Porn Star from Czech Republic. She was born on February 15, 1991. Linet loves the attention she gets from men and women when she fires up her sexual prowess. She loves when her conquests get that glazed over look in there eyes and Linet knows they are thinking about what it would be like to take her to bed. One of the ways she gets this attention on the regular is through her dancing. Linet will have you eating out of the palm of her hand after you let her private dance for you.
Stats : 36/24/36

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  1. says

    Stunning, great outfit, the fire engine red color just pops & like another member posted earlier it’s a pin-up style look. She has great long legs, a pretty smile, & works the pole too. Yes I have noticed the boob issue some have responded about, but do not find it an issue. No bare feet….in ANY of her cards. C’mon, Totem! It’s keeping her from hall of fame status. Everything else is tight and right. Not even ONE scene barefoot?

  2. says

    Linet A is a beautiful mixture of exotic hotness and a perfect body that just can’t be ignored. She has a look and style that just grabs you and pulls you in.

    With this card, she is wearing a ’50s-style lola outfit reminiscent of the pinup girl look for hot rod magazines of the time. With her thick, dark hair, the red rose and lipstick really stand out and force you to look her in the eye.

    Overall, this is a great card on all fronts. It isn’t quite as engaging as some of her other performances, but it’s still very, very good and well worth the tickets. Awesome show.

  3. says

    What a difference a week (& a Wank) makes!
    In my earlier comment I was more bothered with the differences in style from her other cards.
    Now, not so much.
    Linet has worked her PixelSeduction Magic on me by simply being Linet with all her sexy moves & attitude effortlessly pouring out of her & into my porn hungry eyes & mind.
    So now I goose her up another couple of points & say, “Dance & Glam on my pretty, juggsy, tangy, PornDoll, StripperBabe. I am well CyberSeduced by you”!!!

  4. says

    I really love Linet!How much? Well,every half hour or so I open my door & look out into the meadow to see if she’s coming to visit me!
    This is probably my least favorite card of hers up til now ‘tho.Don’t get me wrong, she looks fantastic & the outfit, ‘tho not having anything to do with hot rods, does have a certain mid 60’s bikini charm to it.To me it’s an inconsistent performance, not at all the hot, sexy,play of her previous 3 cards.The on bar clips have a slow, posey, Glam Photo session feel to them,& are often cut short in the editing.I applaud her for trying something new,often cards are too much the same moves,different costumes, but it just doesn’t work for me.She does do some dancing & pole work but the inconsistency is just too much for me to get into it much.I’d typify this card as a “completing” card, one to get if you like Linet’s other cards but not one to start with. I do like her dancin’ & hope for better action & editing in her ensuing cards.She’s Hot-Card’s Not! Sigh

  5. says

    This is the VIP entry for newcomer Linet A. She’s a very hot, slightly exotic woman with a lot of style whose performances so far have been great. This one is a good VIP choice, showcasing Linet’s ability with desktop dancing, striptease, and slightly explicit teasing.

    It’s also the first time she appears in an outfit that isn’t yellow. haha

    Definitely a great card and one well worth the download. Another awesome performance from this hottie with the big natural breasts and great smirk.

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