Priscilia Jones Bodybuilder Babe

Priscilia Jones Bodybuilder Babe

Priscilia Jones Bodybuilder Babe
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Modelname : Priscilia Jones
Setname : Bodybuilder Babe
Aliases : None
Hashtags : #PrisciliaJones
Hair : Red hair
Categories : VirtuaGirl, High Heels, Shaved, Tattoos, Piercing
Country : France
City : Paris
Type : European
Date of Birth : June 23, 1984
Age : 29 years old
Career Status : Active
Eye Color : Green
Height : 5.12
Weight : 123
Fake Boobs : No
Piercings : None
Tattoos : Yes
Bio : We know you are going to love Priscilia Jones and we are so excited to have her joining Virtua Girl. Priscilia is a fitness instructor from France and her body is going to knock your socks off. She specializes in cardio pole dancing so stripping comes naturally to her. Priscilia Jones is a Adult Model from France. She was born on June 23, 1984. If you enjoy a strong, sexy woman that knows how to take control, Priscilia is about to win you over. When she\’s not working out in the gym, Priscilia enjoys getting tattooed, cooking for her lovers and clothes shopping.
Stats : 35/28.1/37

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Priscilia JonesPriscilia JonesPriscilia JonesPriscilia JonesPriscilia Jones

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  1. says

    I knew when I got her first card that she is the most sexiest, hottest, girl with muscle. Her body is perfect Priscilia Jones to me is the queen Of bodybuilding I love all her cards. She is the ultimate VG She beautiful, sexy, hot, and muscular. Another great card from Priscilia! And that outfit is just TOO sexy! My only complaint (again) is her boob job but since she didn’t go overboard that is really only a small quibble. She is perfect. I prefer women who are muscular. To find her on VG is amazing, thank you for this card and the others from her.

  2. says

    my only suggestion to totem; let her watch her own videos so she can observe the more unsightly angles of her boob job and practice moves that hide it better, even though there is a 70%/30% split of great angles in her favor. just a friendly suggestion since i adore her as is but im sure others will whine….she deserves no complaints as she has masterfully sculpted her body! xoxo

  3. says

    super erotic shoulders! and hypnotic eyes and mezmerizing smile…and a perfect nose! fucking great ass and beautiful pussy! The clips were very similar to one another. With her level of skill she could have really put on a show. If you’re going to bring in a specialist get your money’s worth.

  4. says

    omg! fantastic in every way. love the interview; she thinks her face and nose are hard. most bodybuilders do have the hard faces but hers is one of the most feminine ive seen. she is also one of the few women that can pull off the short hair style. perfect blend of raw intimidating power and femininity. and for her bodystyle she has an amazingly well done boob job.
    just absolutely magnificent all around.

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